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Now on github!

In the interest of sharing my horrible code with the world, TF2Stats is now on Github, here:

Please submit issues here so they can be more efficiently ignored for long periods of time before someone gets tired of staring at the queue and fixes it.

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Stability is good

Just did a quick code pass to remove reliance on the old XML APIs.

Up shot is pages should load faster, there should be a lot less “0 hours played” cases, and item stats should refresh a bit faster.

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What happened to all those hat stats?

You might have noticed the hat stats plummeted from over 180,000 profiles to around 2k.

What happened? Well…

In an ongoing effort to improve performance, I’ve changed the way stats generation works a bit. Instead of doing daily pulls of every profile (hundreds of thousands!), I’ve changed to a rolling update of 2k profiles every 30 minutes.

This loses some agility, but should maintain a constantly refreshing set of data that provides similar accuracy but scales much better as the sample size grows. However the number will look low for a while as the initial sample runs.


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Scouts everywhere!

The “Scout bug” that caused scout percentages to sometimes soar well past 100% is fixed. I think. Let me know if/when it breaks again.

While I was in there, I added a new section to the item stats pages for “Origin”. This is a new API field that gives data on how the item was obtained. This can be found on all item summary pages, which are now more consistently linked across the site. Note that the data won’t show until a fresh data set is pulled, so if you’re seeing “No data” try again in a few hours.

Load outs were fixed. It seems there was a translation bug that had broken melee weapons and spy unlocks. I don’t know how long it’s been broken but hey it’s fixed now!

More “Like” buttons have been added to the site, for all you social networking nerds. Please tell your friends about how awesome your stats are(n’t)

Map stats are updating again. I guess they broke. In January. And nobody noticed until like a week ago. Yep.

The Misc items page has been updated to match the awesome template the hats page uses, so you can ctrl+F your way to item heaven.

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Shiny things

Following the previous theme of “Make things pretty!”, I’ve gone ahead and reworked (some of) the item pages.

You will find some now sporting pretty shinies like this.

Not all pages are updated, the others will get a similar treatment but with less info. You’ll also notice the “3d model” button.. Click it in your favorite HTML5 browser and click/drag in wonder for the fraction that actually render correctly! Note Chrome users may need to enable WebGL as it’s off by default for some systems. Some models render outside the camera area, and others look like they did indeed blend. I’ll be working to correct this. In the mean time, feel free to report other bugs.

Also note weapons don’t work as I’ve not uploaded the models yet.

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New API, new bugs

The way equipped items were changed in the API. As a result, load outs inconsistently stopped working. This has been fixed on backpacks, and I think fixed in the item stats. I’m re-running a batch now, so we’ll see how that goes. Can’t be worse than they were before.

Also yes I’m aware haunted item qualities are missing, I’ll get to them later When I’ve had more sleep. I’m also trying to figure out what I’m going to do with this new “previously equipped” info.

Microupdate: Restyled the weapon stats page. Please let me know what you think. I’m also aware of the double scout bug in the item class distribution, and that should be fixed next pull.

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Faster, stronger, more distributed

You may have noticed the page loading a wee bit faster.

I’ve done an optimization run on the site, with several things I’ve been meaning to do for a while but just haven’t gotten around to doing. Among these:

  • Static assets now hosted on a CDN (via Cloudflare)
  • Massive dump of JS and CSS files condensed into single files
  • Code optimizations on the player stats page to reduce unnecessary requests to valve servers
  • Installed APC
I also fixed various minor bugs, and hopefully the random log out bugs should all be fixed now. I’m aware of a few other minor issues which I’ll fix when I get time, please report anything you find broken.
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Your DNS is now up to date

Migration complete! TF2Stats is now once again hosted with Linode. Most of the old features are 100% intact, other than some map data nobody cared about. However, there’s a good side to this.

I had to rewrite item stats (again). The website will look the same, however now accounts are checked for activity before being pulled. All profiles which haven’t logged in to tf2 in over 2 weeks will be ignored from item stats. This should make the stats look a bit more like what you actually see in-game, and hopefully make people stop whining about them (Hey, i can dream)

As a result of this change, the overall sample size decreased. Quality over quantity right? I’ll be pinging Athernar of TF2B fame on getting more profiles to scrape as time allows.

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Hosting and stuff

TF2Stats currently shares a dedicated box with two tf2 servers I run (for the community)

Our host, XFactorServers, has been giving us some rather annoying lag recently, so the need to move has started to crop up, if not fixed soon. The original plan was to move tf2stats off ahead of time, such that it wouldn’t be tied to the TF2 Servers. I was going to move back to my Linode account, which still hosts several other sites I run. There are some technical issues holding the migration up, and these may prove fatal as the new tf2stats uses significantly more resources than I have to spare on that account.

Between the dedicated box for our tf2 server, and the VPS, I’m running a rather painful hosting bill. Since TF2Stats doesn’t bring in a single penny in profit, this has brought me to a bit of a crossroads. I don’t want to offer “premium” services, but non-intrusive ads may be a possibility if I can’t get my total hosting bills under $200/mo.

With that in mind, I’m open to suggests on hosts for both our TF2 Servers and itself. The site has some rather unique hosting requirements, including crontab, python, and a LOT of database abuse, so most “unlimited!” places like dreamhost will be swift to remove sites like mine.

At the moment I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I’m open to feedback on the subject if you’ve got bright ideas.

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Map stats now updating again

There was a minor issue with a server upgrade that caused map stats to stop updating. I didn’t catch this for some time, so there will bee a strange looking jump in the map stat history graphs. A few other misc bugs have been fixed as well.

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