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Ghostly servers and awesome maps nobody plays

I’ve improved the map and server pages a bit, specifically adding graphs to the map pages, and a map list.

I also sorted out a number of bugs in the server and map stat algorithms. The important fixes were the bugs that allowed maps that hadn’t been played in months to maintain their high rank, and for a single server with some nefarious configuration to boost a map’s score 10+ times. The complete changelog is below.

  • Tooltips will now try their darndest to not get cut off by the browser window
  • Fixed many official maps not being marked as such
  • Corrected escaping issue with profile names (For those who might accidently XSS themselves)
  • Many missing map images added courtesy of Geit (See previous post for more information)
  • Fixed a ton of issues with the wordpress theme
  • Added news to the front page (instead of the boring crap)
  • Added some links to the “More” page
  • Added ajax based charts to map pages.
  • Fixed map filesize being REQUIRED in map info
  • Fixed missing redirect on login page.
  • Fixed broken map images on server page
  • Added link to server page to map page
  • Fixed maps page “rank” on featured map section showing 0 if unranked.
  • Corrected map statistics bug that prevents maps from being updated when they weren’t on any server
  • Added map list.
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7 Responses to Ghostly servers and awesome maps nobody plays

  1. Ahmed says:

    wut bout the 2 time occuring luger in the items section in the “more” link

  2. FireSlash says:

    This isn’t a bug really. There are two Lugermorphs in the game; the poker night one is a separate item from the Sam and Max one.

    Not sure if it makes sense to combine them in this case.

  3. Ahmed says:

    ahhh i see.. you see i was trying my hardest to find something glitched or broken to feel involved <.<

  4. Wisepotato says:

    Awesome site keep it up :) I was thinking of making my own sort of website just like this, but you its already here :P

  5. ICS says:

    “Unknown error. Please nag FireSlash until he fixes it.”

    Nag nag nag nag nag. Got this while i was trying to upload map screenshots from my map to the website. Nag.

    Nag nag.


  6. FireSlash says:

    Email the images you tried to upload to [email protected]

    You’re the third person to report this bug but none of the images I’ve tried uploading reproduce the error and nobody sends the erroring ones to me, so I can’t fix it!

    So email them to me. >:|

  7. ics says:

    I sent you links to the images and somewhat detailed thing what happens and what not happen when i try to upload images.

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