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Now with more images and less rage!

First off, big thanks to [GM] Geit, who wrote an incredibly clever script to automagically generate screen shots for maps. He was nice enough to share this with me, and as such tf2stats now has a nice chunky library of map screen shots, which updates itself as new maps arrive. Please still continue to upload additional images (The script in question only generates one), and filling in the gaps that get missed. I should also remind some of you that if your map screen shot has viewmodels or the HUD.. don’t upload it. No killcams either. Jeez.

I’ve also mostly addressed the often raged over issue of item tooltips sliding off the edge of the browser window. My previous fix (Telling people to buy bigger monitors) didn’t go over so well, so it’s fixed for real this time. Some very tall tooltips may still not properly fit in some circumstances, but scrolling up or down should correct this. (Or buy a bigger monitor)

last but not least, I’ve been working on some new stat pages, with data collected from Luigi30, who has opened up access to some of the data he scrapes from his trading/idling servers. More to come with that later.

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