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Scouts everywhere!

The “Scout bug” that caused scout percentages to sometimes soar well past 100% is fixed. I think. Let me know if/when it breaks again.

While I was in there, I added a new section to the item stats pages for “Origin”. This is a new API field that gives data on how the item was obtained. This can be found on all item summary pages, which are now more consistently linked across the site. Note that the data won’t show until a fresh data set is pulled, so if you’re seeing “No data” try again in a few hours.

Load outs were fixed. It seems there was a translation bug that had broken melee weapons and spy unlocks. I don’t know how long it’s been broken but hey it’s fixed now!

More “Like” buttons have been added to the site, for all you social networking nerds. Please tell your friends about how awesome your stats are(n’t)

Map stats are updating again. I guess they broke. In January. And nobody noticed until like a week ago. Yep.

The Misc items page has been updated to match the awesome template the hats page uses, so you can ctrl+F your way to item heaven.

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2 Responses to Scouts everywhere!

  1. Spirit says:

    I can’t view my stats, it said try again in a few minutes… It has been an hour or of.

  2. Spirit says:

    Player stats DONT work! It has been a WEEK or so!

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