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What happened to all those hat stats?

You might have noticed the hat stats plummeted from over 180,000 profiles to around 2k.

What happened? Well…

In an ongoing effort to improve performance, I’ve changed the way stats generation works a bit. Instead of doing daily pulls of every profile (hundreds of thousands!), I’ve changed to a rolling update of 2k profiles every 30 minutes.

This loses some agility, but should maintain a constantly refreshing set of data that provides similar accuracy but scales much better as the sample size grows. However the number will look low for a while as the initial sample runs.


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4 Responses to What happened to all those hat stats?

  1. someone. says:


    I’d love to be able to subscribe to map stats to find a server for exotic custom maps; is that possible?

  2. >_78 says:

    It would be cool if I could see my OWN STATS because I have more than 0 hours played on TF2 (more than 300 actually) and they’ve been showing zero info for months.

  3. dfsdfds says:

    Is it just me or does nobody come here now since you cant see the numbers on the stats LOL

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