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Claidheamh Mòr

The Claidheamh Mòr has been seen on 69.04% profiles scanned.

Of these, 4.26% have it equipped.


This item has not been seen painted.



Quality distribution for this item

Unique: 96.5%
Strange: 3.4%
: 0.1%


How this item is obtained

Timed Drop: 85.2%
Gifted: 4.5%
Found in Crate: 3.7%
MvM Badge completion reward: 3%
Traded: 1%
Crafted: 0.9%
Purchased: 0.9%
MvM Squad surplus reward: 0.4%
Store Promotion: 0.2%
Earned: 0.1%
Recipe output: 0.1%
Preview Item: <0.1%
Steam Purchase: <0.1%


This item has not been seen with a particle effect