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Official ctf_turbine

Turbine is a capture the flag map created by "Flobster."  It was released as an official community map with the Pyro Update due to outstanding quality.

The map is a map containing 3 main "parts". Blu team, Red team, and a center area. In the center area there are 2 medium medikits on either side as well as various structures in the middle. On either sides, there are 2 gates. One to the spawn and the other to the intelegence. The area on tops is connected to a AC like structure, this can go to the intelegence and spawn as well. the intelegence is located in a room connected to the outside as well as the spawn.

File size: 19.80MB

Map information contributed by TemaTheRocketman, on 02/11/18



Players 643
Servers 163
Saturation 0.25


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