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A mysterious suicidal cult to an entity known only as "Train God" has been discovered in an abandoned industrial hazardous materials compound. We're not sure what they were doing or why they were doing it, but we do know that we want whatever it is that they have. The dirty hippies have been driven from their homeland and into the desert where they belong. The only thing left to do is decide which team gets to claim the weird hazardous facility as their own.

Red and Blu have taken part of the compound as their own and it's up to you to stumble your way through the literal death trap of a work environment and capture that point! The hippies were kind of encouraging the last part, but never mind that. Sign this release form...

Dirty hippy Graffiti! Smell the patchouli still in the carpet!
Patented Train Rain™ technology!
More environmental deaths than you can count or even realize are there!
Bad-ass voice over work! Your maps don't have that! Suck it!
Sacrifice counter! Keeps tally of all your noble sacrifices to the hippy god thing that is probably a big deal to someone!
Proven dev texture aesthetics! Wow! Look at that detail!
Alcohol influenced design decisions!
Signs that lie!
Acid-Toxic-Waste-Stuff... It glows and hurts! Swim in it!(beware of sharks)
Sadistic level design! Fuck you, players!
Totally seasonal pumpkin bombs!
Fucks-Given Counter™ updated in real time!
Dizzying spectator cameras!
Shameless plugs! Right in your face!
Professional-grade clipping! Feel the smooth transitions! Stuck? It's your own fault!

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